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IRONFIT: Not for the weak

I consider myself as being fit, well at least fit enough to finish a 20km run, so when I decided to attend an IronFit class at the Fight Right Gym I didn't think much of it. I was relieved when I found a couple of "normal" folk outside the Gym, as I was expecting a bunch of Jason Statham look-alikes. But I soon discovered that there was nothing normal about this class.

No time was wasted as we immediately started with a 1km run in the cold winter air, my chest was burning but my legs kept moving. After the run I was mortified to hear that the next exercise was putting your partner on you back and squatting. I am always keen on trying, and I always try my best. So my partner hopped on but with much disappointment I couldn't even complete one squat, I realized that my muscle strength was a little bit of a joke.

Although I have to give credit to the trainer Rodney Swanepoel who, according to the people in class, always comes up with new and exciting exercises. "The class, trainer and moves push your body to be stronger and to go that extra mile," said Div de Villiers a student at the gym.

The class moved so fast that I didn't really have time to take anything in as it was just go, go, go...I spent half of the time laughing with my partner because I could not do half of the exercises and felt a little silly at times.

Simpler options or alternative moves would have been welcomed especially as a beginner you want to participate but you can't do the moves everyone has been doing and practising for months. The moves might seem simple enough but they are extremely hard to complete.

Take your own partner to the class as some of the moves are a little uncomfortable if you need to do it with a stranger, like wrestling them to the ground. There is a lot of touching and grappling.

This class would be well suited for anyone looking to break away from their current exercise routine and who would like to push their strength and fitness to the next level. This is most definitely for the adventurous type who is looking for a challenge.

Ironfit not only tests your fitness but also some serious muscle strength. I would not recommend this class to a housewife looking for a new exercise routine, but rather to someone who is already fit and strong who is bored with old exercise routines, someone looking for a new and challenging form of exercise. "I already gym four times a week and Ironfit on a Tuesday is a nice break from the usual gym routine," said Div.

Before you attempt to try this class make sure you already have some sort of strength and fitness and you are looking to build on that. As for me I am happy with my running shoes and the road in front of me.

But why don't you be the judge. Book a free class at the Fight Right Gym, Strubensvalley.

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