I've been training at FightRight for two years and over that peroid FightRight has helped me improve my overall fitness and physique. I've been taught to fight in a great environment, one full of motivation and positive attitudes.

Thanks to the training, I have more energy in my day to day activities and have been inspired to lead a far healthier and more positive lifestyle than before FightRight.

However it's much more than that: Training with Rodney and the rest of the team is not just an exercise routine, its a family of brothers (and even one or two sisters) who you know you can rely on at any given time. The people I've trained with have literally shared blood, sweat and a few tears with me.

Rodney Swanepoel, and FightRight, completely changed my life around and definitely for the better. I can honestly say I could not imagine a life without the team and the training ......"Riaan van Jaarsveld"

To me Fight Right is a family then a Dojo , we train together , and find a way thru our lives together, the support system and teachings here is not only for Mixed Martial Arts but for everyone , on any journey through life....."Michael Evert"

I am currently a martial arts instructor specialising in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and full contact Sanshou. I have approximately 15 years experience in these disciplines

I found I was seriously lacking in grappling (ground game) and the mixed martial aspects to my fight game.

After much travelling and searching for a gym that suited me, I came across Rodney at Fight Right. He is a humble instructor with much to offer in all aspects. Be it fitness, conditioning, stand up combat or grappling and wrestling.
I find that the instruction I am receiving is of the highest calibre and the people that train there are free from ego.

Rodney has improved all aspects of my training , from stand up to the ground.

My own gym has more than tripled in capacity and a large part of this is due to Rodney's input and instruction.
I firmly believe that Fight Right is the correct gym to choose whether a person is simply trying to stay fit, train socially, learn to handle themselves in a confrontation , or even for the serious and competitive fighter.

I have found a permanent home here and after 4 years of training here I look forward to many more....."Zunaid Mamdoo"

My reasons for joining Fight Right are both personal and selfish. Personal mainly because for years I’ve been training weights and running to keep fit and doing, well what one should do to keep healthy. But like most things, one tends to get bored and your body gets used to the mundane regime of the regular training systems.
I was introduced to MMA with a fair amount of anxiety. I had to confront the fear of being the smallest and weakest new-be. I immediately enjoyed the physical and emotional aspects of this method of fitness. The group is energetic and always willing to impart new techniques and ways to improve and to my surprise, were all there to learn, not to take you apart. The fitness and endurance is insane and simply put, that’s why it refers to “fight fit”……

My selfish reason is due to the limits one tends to put down to your own ability and skill. For years we live life, study hard, work daily and exercise to come to realize what one’s limits in training and endurance are.
You look at situations and think “this is too much for me, this situation too big and the challenge too much for my frail body and mind”. What I’ve come to discover is that there is more behind those limits. When life pushes, you really can push back. When situations are too overwhelming, you break it down into smaller pieces and approach it with a different mindset – you simply change your angle to conquer the seemingly impossible.

My Fight Right journey is one of discovery.
I discover my limits. I discover what lies beyond those limits. But mostly I discover myself and where I belong in the greater scheme of things..... "Neels Joubert"